Facebook Business Manager: What is it and how to configure it?

Have you heard about Facebook Business Manager or Facebook Business Manager?

If you have a page for your business, personal brand or project on Facebook, you make announcements of a few euros from time to time, and answer few questions in your inbox a day, sure that doing it from your profile is something practical and simple.

When you already have more pages in your care and work with clients and/or collaborators, the picture is complicated.

Thinking about this, Facebook created its Business Manager, a very powerful tool that will allow you to centralize all marketing actions and manage Facebook and Instagram in one place.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

The first time someone told me about this work platform, I confess that I thought it was very complicated and unnecessary.

I think this may be the first impression of many people. However, when its great utility is understood and one becomes familiar with the platform, it becomes a great ally that facilitates our work and takes it to another level.

But what is the Facebook Business Manager?

The Business Manager is the place from which you can manage all Facebook and Instagram assets (such as pages and ad accounts, among others). It also allows you to give access at different levels to third parties (collaborators, agencies, suppliers, etc.) to work together.

It is a very complete and free tool, which also has other important advantages that you should value.

Advantages of using Facebook Business Manager

If you work with more people, manage several accounts, and still wonder if you should or should not use the Business Manager, the answer is certainly yes.

This tool gives companies, design or marketing agencies, and freelance professionals of social media and digital marketing, in general, the possibility of:

 Have a kind of “control center.” This makes it easier for you to monitor collaborative work more fluidly and systematically, regardless of the size of the team. It allows you to control the level of access that each person or partner has. All this in one place.

 Work more safely, thanks to the control of the level of access given to each person or partner. But there is also a security center that allows you, among other things, to protect your information and that of your clients by configuring the authentication in two steps.

 Save time. When you manage to understand its operation, it becomes the most effective resource to implement the marketing actions of your strategy on Facebook and Instagram.

 Have access to some exclusive features of the BM. For example, if you have an online store, it will allow you to create product catalogs. It also gives you access to very useful data for strategic decision making.

Setting up a business administrator is a free and simple process. You do not believe me?

Before thinking otherwise, I invite you to continue reading this article. You are a few steps away from enjoying these advantages.

How to set up my Facebook business administrator?

If you look for it in your current Facebook options, you probably won’t find your Business Manager The reason is that it is first necessary to configure it. To do so, you must be logged in to your profile. Then follow these simple steps:

  1. We open in another tab of our browser this link: https://business.facebook.com.
  2. Click on the enabled button to create it. You place it in the upper right of the screen.
  3. In a window, you will request basic information that we must include (company name, your name, email).
  4. Then you will be asked for additional information about your business (country, postal address, city, etc.). Therefore it is important that before starting the process you have this data at hand).
  5. Finally, you must confirm your email following the instruction that will send you to your inbox.
  6. And ready! It will automatically direct you to the beginning of BM.

Once you have created your business administrator, you can customize it with a profile picture (which can be your company logo). There is also the option to add a cover page.

Asset Configuration

The next step is to add the Facebook assets that you will need to work with them from the tool.

The assets can be Facebook and Instagram advertising pages and accounts. Also catalogs of products and applications.

Let’s focus on how to add advertising accounts or Facebook pages. For this there are three options:

 Add your asset. That is, a page or advertising account created from your profile and that you currently manage. If you manage a third-party asset from your profile, you should not add it to the Business Manager as your own. Create an asset. You can create a page or advertising account from the Business Manager by following the steps indicated by the tool. Add a foreign asset. We ask your owner, who is possibly our client, permission to add your assets (owned by your BM) to our business administrator.

The processes to add pages and advertising accounts with similar. Let’s see them one by one.

How to add pages to my Facebook Business Manager

The first thing you should know is that it is necessary to have your fan page that will become the main page of your Business Manager.

If you don’t have it, you can configure it from the tool by choosing the option “create an asset”. Then follow the steps that Facebook indicates.

Before adding third-party pages you must add your own.

The steps to follow to add other pages are:

  1. Enter « business settings «. If it is the first time that you include an asset, it will also give you the option of doing so through a shortcut at the beginning.
  2. In the left side menu, you go to ” accounts “.
  3. Under “accounts” you click on the ” pages ” tab. The page window opens on your right.
  4. You click on the ” Add ” button.
  5. You will see several options in a pop-up window. Choose if you want to add a page (in case it is yours), request access (in case you need to work on a third-party page, for example, a client), or create one.
  6. It asks you for the name or URL of the page. If you need to create it, it guides you to it.

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