Google my Business: Tutorial to Boost Your Business

In this post we are going to talk about something that you have already seen many times, but that you may not have paid much attention or do not know how it works… Google My Business.

Have you ever had a map with different business listings when searching for something on Google?

Well, it is exactly that, we will see a Google My Business tutorial step by step along with the benefits that this Google tool can bring to our business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to create a file on Google with all the information of your company, associated with a specific location on Google Maps.

This information includes the name of your company, type of business, address, telephone, website, opening hours, etc.

Google My Business was born to integrate different functions that you previously had to do with several platforms. However, now with My Business, a company can easily manage all the public data of its business from the same point. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How Google My Business helps local businesses

Having your listing in My Business brings many benefits to your company, both brand, and local SEO.

For this reason, I will make a list of some of them.

It helps you to position your business locally

Thanks to having your listing created in Google My Business you can appear in Google when someone does a related search to your sector or business.

For a small local business, it can sometimes be difficult to position yourself organically by competing with many larger companies and very strong websites with a lot of authority.

This tool gives you options to appear on Google and in addition to being able to position yourself above your competition in searches near your geographic location.

You get opinions from your customers

It is one of the main features of this platform: Your customers can leave you reviews, both positive and negative.

It helps you connect with your customers, listen to them and get comments about your services or products. Both to show others your strengths and to know your weaknesses and improve your services.

Google gives you an important means of communication with your customers, take advantage of it.

Give your customers information about your business

With this tool, you give your customers the possibility of not having to physically go to your business to get information.

Imagine that a customer wants to know your schedule during a holiday, in your Google tab you can find out.

The more facilities you give your users, the more connection they will have with your project.

Get statistics

Do you want to know how many people have searched for you on Google or why do you appear and get more visitors?

You can analyze all this in the statistics panel of your Google My Business.

Analyzing this type of data is the basis for checking your visibility on the Internet and finding factors to improve to reach more and more customers.

Tutorial: How to create your listing in Google My Business step by step

Creating your local business listing on Google is very simple and you can do it yourself, even if you don’t have any knowledge in digital marketing.

We are going to see it step by step so that you can start strengthening your store from today.

STEP 1: Open the account on the official website

The first thing you should do is enter the official website of the platform from here, click on ” Manage Now ” and access with a Gmail account, which will be managed by our profile.

STEP 2: Register the business

To register a new business in the tool, below we see the link that says: ” Add your company to Google “, click there to start.

STEP 3: Fill in the data

Now we have to fill in the data of our company.

First, we put the name (in this case we are going to invent the name Bakery Vélez to use it as an example) and press next.

Now he asks us if we have a physical address, such as a place or office where our clients can find us. We say ” yes ” and click on ” Next “.

They will ask us for the address of our company. In this invented example I am going to put the one in my office ( I hope that people will not start arriving asking for a loaf of bread or a cake, I’ll tell you )

According to the address and our name, Google can indicate that our company already has a file created and gives us several options.

In this case, as it is a new business and it is not created (since I just invented it) I give “none of these options”.

If your business were on the list, you would just have to select it and you would go to Verify it (what we talked about below).

STEP 4: Geolocate your business

Now that Google has our data, it asks us to geolocate the business on the map.

For that, you just have to play with the map and zoom and put the indicator in the exact place where our company is located. Now click on ” Next “.

STEP 5: Finish filling in the data

We continue to configure options. They ask us if we offer services outside our location, such as a business with a collection point at another location.

In our case you have to come and buy the bread here, I’m sorry, so “No”.

Will Google My Business provide a competitive advantage in my business?

Nowadays being positioned in Google can be one of the best sources to get new customers and during this article, we have seen how important it is to have our Google page open, verified and well updated.

This tool can allow us to position ourselves ahead of other larger companies in local searches, apart from giving us a fantastic communication channel with our customers.

After reading this entire Google My Business tutorial, I imagine you will have it clear … Go to Google My Business, create your listing and start enjoying all the advantages that this platform for companies gives you completely free.

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