How to make money with a blog: 100% Effective Techniques

If you have to come here it is because you have wondered how to make money with a blog. Either you already have one and you want to start seeing its fruits, or on the contrary, you have not yet created it and you want to do it right from the beginning, in which case I suggest you go to the header How to create a blog to earn money and then come back up to this point.

Next, let’s see how to start earning money with a blog. Keep in mind that, each blog will require a different method or even several at the same time. But if you are a blogger you already know that in the world of digital marketing-nothing falls from the sky and every effort is little. Let’s go there!

1. Advertising through CPC (Adsense)

Adsense is a form of advertising that works by CPC / PPC, that is, cost per click or pay per click in English. If you are a beginner it is perfect for you, because it will not require you too much time and you will not have to make difficult decisions.

It consists of inserting advertising blocks, which you do not choose, which will appear in your blog according to what your readers find interesting, and each time they click on the advertising you will get an income.

Now that you know how to make money with a blog using Adsense, we explain how much you can earn.

The theme will be the main variable of your source of income in Adsense, the more competitive that niche is, the more options you have to earn money (you and Google): from a few cents to more than a couple of euros per click.

How to know if your blog theme to make money is appropriate? Use Keyword Tool Planner and enter your theme. In the CPC column, you can see what companies pay for their ad to appear when searching for that word. What you would charge is a little less than half of that CPC (you share it with Google).

 Recommended for: Beginners. Income: Media. Advantages/disadvantages: You do not choose to advertise but in return, you will not have to be aware.

2. Advertising through CPA

Being also advertising, its operation is similar to Adsense but more difficult to achieve the conversion of the user, since in this case, you do not receive an income per click, but for the action, you take (CPA means cost per action), this can be filling out a form, for example.

The good thing is that the income you get each time a conversion is made will be higher. One option is to start with CPC and if you see that it works to get into the CPA.

Some pages that offer CPA are Toroadvertising or Adj.

 Recommended for: Blogs with very specific themes. Income: High. Advantages/disadvantages: It is only an effective income method if you know your audience well.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This type of advertising is not aimed at generically achieving actions by the user, but rather to a specific one: the purchase of a product.

How does it work? Enter an affiliate platform and register as an affiliate. Some of them are Amazon Spain, Zanox, ClickBank.

On these platforms, you can create links, which you will then enter in your posts so that when your customers click they are directed to products from different companies.

Once the purchase is made (at that same moment or a few days later) you get your commission (it can be from 2% on the price of the product to even 50%). The ones you accumulate will receive them at the end of each month from the company.

How to make money with a blog can be difficult through affiliate advertising, the easiest way to implement it is in blogs whose posts are already talking about products or whose subject is likely to be commercialized. For example, a fashion blog – where it will be natural to add links to products – otherwise, it is better that you go to another type of income source.

 Recommended for: Blogs where the theme offers the possibility of selling products. Income: High. Advantages/disadvantages: If the theme of your blog is not related to the sale of products, it will give a bad image for your blog that includes this type of link.

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