My online store does not sell: How to boost your Ecommerce and sell more

Most people who have embarked on an online store or eCommerce project have ever seen themselves in a situation where they sell almost nothing through their website.

And I tell you this because it also happened to me with my first online fashion store.

I was selling around € 300 a month initially, which did not give me even to cover expenses.

Like you, I also started researching to boost my online store, make it profitable and achieve more sales.

Say with the key: digital marketing.

Right now you will be thinking: Bego, I already apply digital marketing in some way and my online store sells nothing.

But, are you applying it with a solid and integrated strategy with the rest of the marketing areas?

We will see the reasons why your online store does not sell anything so that as of today you start focusing on the actions that are profitable to your business.

Reason 1: I have no visits on my website

When we start a project, the main reason we don’t get sales in our online store is that we don’t have visibility.

In the Google search engine, it seems very difficult to appear in first positions for such competitive and important keywords in our business.

But we should not throw in the towel so quickly, we have to get qualified visitors to our website, interested in our products and with the possibility of being bought.

To do this, we must work on the contents of our website, orient them to our potential clients and work slowly to reach this audience.

It is not a quick and simple job, but it is laborious, but having a web content and positioning strategy is essential for a website to start having visitor movements.

In addition to an SEO strategy, in parallel, we will have to work on social networks and other strategies such as email marketing, as well as advertising strategies to achieve short-term sales.


Perform a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in which to act to achieve both short and long term sales through techniques such as SEO, SEM, social networks or email marketing, among others.

Reason 2: I have visited my online store, but they leave without buying

Have you been working digital marketing for a while and you don’t get results?

Believe it or not, this is very common and happens to many web pages.

And, as much as we work digital marketing strategies if the online store is not ready to sell, we are throwing money.

Your website must be focused on your audience and their experience, it must be easy to navigate through it and be conversion oriented.

Many times we get budgets through the marketing agency requesting our services for your business, but this is like building a house:

We cannot build the roof if the base is not ready.

Having a fast, easily navigable website, with a design-oriented to your audience and with few steps to reach the goal, is essential.


If we have already worked on marketing strategies, but we still do not sell it is because your website may not be optimized to convert. Performing a CRO strategy to optimize the conversion ratio will be essential for these types of projects.

Reason 3: I cannot make profitable what I spend on digital marketing

Your website is perfect for your audience. It is fully optimized, you have done tests and it works.

But your marketing strategies are not giving results.

You are investing a lot, you have tried from SEO, SEM, network advertising, etc.

Nothing works.

Have you stopped to think about whether the actions you are carrying out are correct?

Maybe you have worked the web a lot, but online strategies are not being well oriented and you have to rethink them until you find the perfect strategy.

In marketing, not everything goes to the first, there are times that we have to try to rule out options and keep the one that makes our online store profitable.


If your website is conversion-oriented, you have done all kinds of tests and it is optimized, but you are still not selling, it is because your digital marketing strategies may not be the right ones for your business.

I would stop for a moment to think of everything that is being done is efficient and I would try to turn the digital strategy around.

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