Tools to find influencers in Social Networks

Searching and finding influencers in social networks manually is a process that today is no longer necessary since there are tools that can facilitate these processes of the search for influential people in our sectors.

Also, you know that in this social network we can find many people who cheat in their number of followers or even like, and we do not want to choose the wrong people, right?

For this reason, I do not want to show you what are the typical tools that you will find online and that we all have reached, but I will explain my favorite tools, which I have used and have helped me to make a digital marketing plan.

And if you’re wondering what I used them for, a couple of years ago I decided to create an online fashion store, so I had to do this search process. I received a multitude of messages from girls (since it was a female store) that asked me for products to take pictures in exchange for remuneration, so these analyses were the daily bread.

As I told you, there are not only these tools, since you will find others such as Upfluence, Influencity, Kred, Audiense, Alianzo, etc. that help us locate influencers, but today I’m going to talk about the ones that have personally helped me in influencer marketing.


Klear is a great tool to carry out our search for influencers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, since, although we don’t have the premium version, it gives you very good estimates of the sector you are looking for.

You can filter based on the social network you need, the theme, sex, age, and location.

Each influencer is assigned a score that indicates the range of influence they have, and if you go within each profile, it tells you what level of engagement depending on the social network, what are the categories to which it is addressed and what Channels come to your audience. It is a tool that brings you closer to reality and the ones I like the most.


Feel is an influencer’s search engine for YouTube in which you can filter as you want, starting if we want an exclusive video dedicated to our brand or a simple mention within the influencer’s video.

Once we have decided, we select the price range we would be willing to pay, the location, age, and sex of our target audience, as well as the influencer.

The tool will return the results of the influencers who are on this platform with the prices established for collaborating in a complete video or who only name the brand at a certain moment of the video.

If you are looking for an influencer on YouTube, this is the perfect tool for your search.

Once you have selected the YouTuber with whom we want to count and collaborate in our campaign, the tool gives us statistics on the audience that follows this person to see if it is consistent with our brand and message of the campaign.

In this case, I have selected the influencer Aretha la Galleta, of which I am a follower of her videos, so the profile of her audience is similar to that of the online store that I have mentioned before: women between 18 and 34 years old, Spanish.


Heepsy is a great tool to locate online influencers on Instagram of the sector we want, but it also works for Facebook, YouTube, and other channels.

The only drawback is that to filter by country, several followers or the degree of engagement is with the paid version.

But if we are going to carry out a campaign and we have to select influencers, it is an incredible option to use and at an affordable price for any brand.

When we have selected the profile of the influencer that best suits us, it shows us its statistics with very relevant information for the campaign such as the growth of influencer followers, the location and brands with which it has collaborated.

The data of the brands with which he has collaborated is very important since if we see that he is dedicated to promoting products of brands that are not consistent with his style, his followers can treat it as an account with excessive collaborations or that is not adapting to them.

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