Web Redesign: Reasons to change your website

Have you ever considered redesigning your website?

Many times we do not want to make the investment that requires re-creating a new website because we think it will not give results (as it has happened before).

But let me ask you a question, is your competition selling online?

Maybe they do and you don’t because your website is not optimized for your business and you need a redesign.

If you got here, I want you to read the reasons why your website is asking for help without you being aware of it.

1. Does not suit different devices

This symptom has many old websites and is a clear trigger to decide to perform the redesign.

I’m going to give you an analytical example of clothing e-commerce.

I have chosen a short period to see the users that come to my website through Google Analytics.

61.42% of the total traffic is done through the mobile, 32.56% through a computer and 6.02% via tablet.

What is the device that should take more into account in the optimization strategies of this eCommerce?

The mobile. I will have to redesign this site for mobile and then for the computer.

But this does not happen only with this project, the vast majority of projects have more traffic from mobile devices than any other.

Therefore, we must take into account this metric when formulating our digital marketing plan strategies, and specifically, the redesign of our website.

2. Your users do not find what they are looking for

Believe it or not, many users do not buy through the websites due to a lack of usability.

If your website is not intuitive and easy to navigate to reach the final goal, you will probably lose a large part of your audience along the way.

We must have a user-centered web design, where he is the king, and we must always perform the redesign taking into account his perceptions and needs.

Not only is it about designing the web to be beautiful, but we must also understand what the user wants to see, understand the context on the pages and evaluate everything we are doing to prove that the work is well done.

3. Your website is obsolete and with an old design

Although the design is not everything, it is a very important factor in user decision making, and I will explain why.

For example, let’s get into the situation: You get into Facebook, start downloading your timeline and see all the videos of dogs and politics that your friends put.

But you stop suddenly because you see an advertisement from your favorite neighborhood at an impressive price, often Collazo!

Decided, I have to take this offer.

I get on the website and it is horrifying, it seems from my great-aunt that of the town.

I better go to Amazon, I’m sure I’ll have it at home tomorrow.

Does this situation sound to you?

You just lost a sale for not having an attractive web design for your audience.

Web designs must adapt to the users who are going to reach it, to our target audience.

And above all, more important is that the web works correctly and nothing has become obsolete because it does not have proper maintenance of the web in your WordPress, Prestashop, Magento or whatever you use.

4. The structure is inconsistent

How many times we will have reached a website and has a “cocoa” menu, which we do not know where to click.

To me many.

The design is according to the public, modern, novel, but it does not have an optimized web architecture or coherent with the business.

But this does not only serve the user experience, it also serves Google and other search engines.

It is important to perform an analysis of the structure that the web will have to position it later (when we do an SEO job).

5. The web is slow and takes a long time to load

A website should not take more than 3 seconds to load, and 3 is enough, the ideal is that it is less than this number.

What do I mean by this?

What if we have a website that takes 7 seconds to load, many users are not patients and will leave, without waiting for the page to open.

And not only that, Google will take longer to track the web, and this is a factor that negatively affects SEO positioning.

Now, how do we know if a web page loads fast or slow?

With this tool, Pingdom Tools, we can see exactly the number of seconds of loading speed that our web (or any web) has, and what is the factor that is slowing this load.

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