Website budget: Factors and prices

Making a budget for a web page and determining its prices is not something simple since many factors that must be taken into account to establish it come into play.

When I started in the world of web design, this was one of my pending subjects, since there was always some point that I had not clarified in my clients’ budget and that escaped me.

With time and experience you are improving, and the details that you previously overlooked, now you have them as an important point in the budget breakdown.

In the end, everything is a process, and knowing how to set the prices of your web design services well also requires your time and experience, so today I will help you make your budgets and quotes for web pages.

Factors to prepare a budget for a web page design

Knowing how much a website is worth doing is a very relative topic since, like everything else in this life, it depends.

And you will wonder, what does it depend on?

Well, I am going to tell you a series of factors that you should evaluate to know how much a website in Spain costs.

Web server and domain

For any web design, it is very important to have a good hosting company behind where to host your web page and hire a domain with your name or your brand name.

This is a price that yes or yes we must pay at the beginning of the project, and you should not skimp on it since a bad server can cause web crashes, slow down the page and many more problems.

My favorite server and with which I am very happy due to its quality and its service is Raiola Networks, I leave here the link in case you want to consult their plans: Go to Raiola.

CMS or web content manager

It is not the same as a Magento, a Prestashop or a WordPress (among others) since each one requires some needs, and the designers usually specialize in one, in particular, so the prices will vary depending on the content management system that your website requires.

Free or premium tools

A website made with free tools will probably be less powerful than one that has been used for payment unless it has been custom development, so this factor will be key in the budget that we should send to our client.

My advice is that if you are going to budget a web page, you will include in the price of the powerful premium tools that you need to use since it will be a plus to offer your client.

Custom design or theme

A customer can request a default theme, a custom design and even, in my case as a designer, a previous PDF design to see how the result of the web looks before it has been built.

Depending on what each one requests, the design price will be calculated, since, for example, the PDF will be budgeted as part of the web as an external service.

Professional experience

As in all services, we do not have the same knowledge when we are beginning to make a dent in the sector than when we have already traveled a lot of web pages, right?

Therefore, this will be reflected in the price, since the work is not the same.

Your brand can also come into play here, since if you have worked hard to earn a solid image in your sector, you can probably charge more than someone unknown to the vast majority, due to the amount of work you have.

In the end, this is the law of supply and demand in which quantity and price come into play.

Web size and type

It will have to be taken into account if the page is small, medium or large. I do this based on the number of pages rather than size, I put a price on each page depending on my time it will take to build them (in the next point I will show you how I do it).

Also, it will be necessary to see if the website requested by the client is a personal brand website, an eCommerce, a platform for some management or any other type of website to determine the price since not all of them carry the same development and design work.

Generation of web content

Many people provide you with the texts, images or products of a web page, but some clients want to ignore the entire process, so here more factors such as copy, images, product upload or any other element will come into play. That is not part of the design itself.

In these cases, tasks such as texts can be outsourced to a copywriter, but we must always reflect it in the price and budget.

Time the project needs

This is very related to the point of size and type of web since the larger the web, the more development or design time it will require, therefore the more price it will have.

My way to set the prices of web design is always taking into account the times, in the next point, I will tell you how.

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