What is a web page, what is it for and types of web

It seems obvious, but it is not always clear what a web page is, what it is for and the types of web pages that we can find, since different portals help us daily but we have never stopped to name them one by one. one.

Before starting any online project, we must translate into a document the digital marketing plan of the project to see where we should throw, and once having clear the strategies, start building the base of the path: your web page.

Therefore, apart from showing you what a website is, I want you to know what types of websites exist today and what they are for.

You will also see an example of all types of websites that we find in the market, so you can browse through them and be clear about what each one is and how it works practically.

What is a web page?

A web page is a site with information and data about a particular subject that can be accessed from an internet search engine and is published by a person or company.

The web is within the World Wide Web (WWW) or global computer network, which contains all the system with internet documents.

The main page of a web page is the Home, and normally the people who administer a website give you the URL of their main home, which will be of the type www.miweb.com, to be able to visit it and then go to the other pages that Include this website.

What is a web page for?

Although there are thousands of reasons to make a web page and have a presence on the Internet, I’m going to name which are the most important for you to know what it is and what a website is for.

Give visibility to your project, branding or brand image.
Contribute contacts to your business or personal project. Generate community or capture emails to sell through email marketing. Sell ​​more for another channel than offline. To disseminate certain content or information and build trust. To interact with other users. Position the web and earn money online.

Types of the web page that exist

Even so, within the internet, we find several types of web pages that will help us depending on the information or theme we are looking for. That is why I have made this list with the most important ones.


Right now you are reading a blog, but not only that, but you are also on a corporate and personal page since Bego Romero is a personal brand highly empowered by the blog.

But what is a blog? A blog is a website that covers topics of interest to users who reach it with content in the form of articles called posts.


The corporate websites are trying to places where a brand or company wants to brand and use it for your customers, potential or actual, navigate through it and know everything about the company.

These products or services, as well as history, are usually presented to connect with the user and achieve brand or branding.


A personal website is a site where we try to sell ourselves, either to sell some type of service (such as coaching or consulting, for example) or to get better job opportunities or a job.

Each website should be focused on the objective we are looking for, so it will not be the same as a website selling product or service, then a website for someone looking for a job.


In an online store or eCommerce, we sell products and services fully automated through the web portal. That is, we see the product, add it to the cart and pay at checkout with a credit card or some Paypal type platform.

Once the purchase is ready, we will receive the receipt of the product or service we have purchased.

Virtual Communities or Social Networks

We can create communities, either of our brand or through a social network in which to interact and contact our groups of friends, acquaintances or even people we do not know.

These websites are very good portals to sell, as they are another channel through which we can advertise and increase our conversions.


The forums are websites where we can share opinions and comments on a particular topic with other users who are interested in it.

In it, a large number of people usually collaborate and participate in the discussions that take place in each of their pages if they know the particular topic.

Is it necessary to have a website today?

If you have read what a website is and what it is for and you are still doubting why having a website, the question I am going to ask you is simple: What do you want to achieve and who do you want to address?

If you are clear and you have already stopped to think about the strategies that you are going to use, it is about time that you start to create your professional web design taking into account your final objective and the goal of your path.

Keep in mind that a web page takes time and work to start producing results, so this could be the beginning to start building your future.

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