What is Elementor Page Builder for WordPress?

A few years ago, who was going to imagine the way we have today to build a web page?

It was unimaginable that without technical knowledge and code we could have a professional website design.

There are builders such as Elementor, Divi, Thrive, Architect, WP Bakery, etc .; which help us build pages visually and with drag & drop systems (drag and drop) very easy to use.

But today I want to explain my favorite, Elementor Page Builder.

You will see what Elementor Page Builder for WordPress is, what it is for, how its interface is, how it works and the advantages that I consider it has personally.

Also, I will include a video in which I will show you Elementor inside, so you can watch it and decide on this as the best WordPress builder.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a visual constructor for web pages in WordPress with a drag & drop system (drag and drop) and a very intuitive interface with which you can build in real-time.

It is a plugin used for the design and development of web pages that allows you to drag the widgets or elements of your tool to the page, and create the designs and customizations with a few single buttons.

With Elementor you can create very professional designs without knowing absolutely no code and in a short period, which makes the job much easier.

It will not take months to make a website, but Elementor will help you have the result in a couple of days (depending on the size of the page, of course).

Elementor features

I’m going to name what are the main features that the WordPress layout has to show you why it is my favorite among others.

Of course, I will only explain some, because if I start to analyze everything, we can throw hours and hours.

Let’s go for it!

Very complete widgets for our designs

We will see, on the one hand, all the elements that you could include in the free version, and on the other, the widgets in the premium version.

The free version has basic Widgets that will allow us to create a web page very easily, such as titles, images, texts, videos, buttons, maps, testimonials, etc.

However, with the paid version we extend the typical elements that we find in all web builders to more powerful ones.

These are the contact form, the menu, the blog articles, the login, price tables, countdown, animated headings, etc.

Visual and intuitive design

The interface is very simple and easy to use, we just have to click on the “Edit with Elementor” button and let the inspiration come to us.

On the left, we have the main widgets and in the center the options to add a section or a template from your library or our computer.

If we want to add a header or an image, we just have to drag it to the main square and start writing our text.

Once these selected widgets are included, the left panel will change to the particular widget’s customizations, and we can adapt it to our design.

In this image, you can see how the left panel changes and you can modify the content of the “Lorem Ipsum” text, as well as the colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. in the “Style” section.

A multitude of free templates to include in your designs

When we are in the page design part (image of the previous point), if we click on the button of the folder of the main section (the gray one), we will open the area of ​​the templates or templates that the tool itself gives us facilitates

We can find a lot of templates already made by the company, both home pages, landing pages of services, blog articles, contact pages, etc.

Also, if we click on “Blocks” we can select the template based on what we are creating. For example Menu, footer, testimonials, contact, etc.

On the other hand, in “My templates” we can save our designs to import them into other websites, subdomains or pages of that same website.

This will allow us to save an incredible time since we will not have to rebuild everything we need if we want to make a similar design.

For example, if we need 2 “thank you” pages of the same design, but with different texts, we do not need to rebuild them, but we will export and import so as not to waste time, and later, we will change the design on the previous template.

Visual editor for tablet and mobile

How many times has it cost us a lot that some element is perfectly coupled on mobile?

Many, right?

Well, with Elementor you have it easy because its visual editor allows you to easily edit each widget depending on the device, to have its design depending on the device with which we are visiting the web.

Also, if we see that the design of a section does not just fit well for any of them, we can hide them by simply clicking on the “Adaptability” section.

Can’t you make the design of a section look good on mobile? It is hidden and ready.

Is Elementor Page Builder the best builder for my WordPress?

In my opinion, yes, and it is worth buying the PRO version: Click here to see the plans.

There are many builders for WordPress, and all web designers usually have favorite par excellence, their personal experience, their tastes and what they have become accustomed to coming into play.

Although I know that there are builders like Divi who is also very good, without a doubt, I’m staying with Elementor.

Not only because of its versatility, speed, and adaptation but because it evolves at a heart attack speed.

Each time Elementor sends an email to the Newsletter with a new tool, they leave me with their mouths open, because they are usually things that previously cost a lot to do, and Elementor allows you to have it ready in a “plus plus”.

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